Be Right Back

09 Mar 2013 | black mirror


Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud, Where Earth Meets Sea:

They meet, my earthy eyes and yours full of the sea, find the place where they meet so tumultuously. Immersed, in famed indifference of one-anothers existence. You take me from my me wholly, soaking through your waters loose in the shifting and sifting grains of truth, upon which my me is built. You, you free away these bits of earth-bound fray, and I break you and I break you. Long you travelled to my sands, my shore but long you’ll travel no more, for by the blowing of winds and currents intricately traced a design so woefully laced with our mutual demise. In the place we meet we surmise our defeat. My earthy eyes and yours full of the sea swept away by your waves taken under the breaking of my making, submerged shelves form your upwelling suspended sensation swelling from the depths of you. What desires lie true? What desires lie true? I mold a horrific but beautiful monster of you. Of you flowing over my sand to surrending me through, me through the rolling crashing waters where we meet. Where we meet. Endlessly.

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