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15 Jan 2013 | facebook, privacy, the mowgli's

Steven Levy:

Will this encourage people to share more so they can express themselves more widely and maybe even entice desirable new connections? Or will it lead them to share less and batten down their privacy settings so that new eyes won’t include them in a search-graph roundup? “The user base might bifurcate between the people who don’t want to be found and those who really do,”

Danny Sullivan:

Consider me. Not only have I not liked my electrician, my plumber, my dentist, my doctor or my tax person on Facebook but I don’t even know if they have Facebook pages. I have nothing to offer to my Facebook friends in this regard.

Judith Fairfield:

Unlike you, I’m not from the “let me tell you every sick, sordid detail of my life” generation. I value discretion. I loathe self-pity.

And so I watch Paranormal Activity 4, I feel it need more silent and contemplation, but I won’t unlike it on Facebook.

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