People don’t treasure things anymore. You should try it.

11 Sep 2015 | elementary

Marnie Michaels:

The totem of chat, and no. The lowest, that would be Facebook, followed by Gchat, then texting, then email, and then phone. Face-to-face is, of course, ideal. But it’s not of this time.


Everything’s easier online. You chat to who you want to chat to, you decide you don’t like them, one click and they’re gone. You never have to see ‘em again. They take the piss. Click. They act like a dick. Click. You embarrass yourself… Click.


Four. Whole. Hours. To see the Mona. Lisa. Google it. You’ll see it straightaway.

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I'm not telling. I'm from Asia, I'm mysterious, deal with it.


Same soup, just reheated.