So why? Because. Because? Indeed.

01 Dec 2015 | social media, the wire


Rachel Syme:

I have a friend who controls her own image online with an iron fist; she hates encountering pictures of herself taken without consent. She often scrolls through Instagram and Facebook untagging every candid image, like a burglar wiping off fingerprints. I used to think this was a bizarre eccentricity, but after living in the world of selfies for a while, I understand it.

People in your own time might not see it that way. They will call you narcissistic for giving birth to hundreds, maybe thousands, of fractured little selves. They will wonder why you need so much confirmation, so much attention, so much visibility. They will experience your face as an assault. Pay them no mind. Your selfie has already ventured off to the future, where all of us are dead.

Bruce Schneier:

We like socio-technical systems of reputation because they empower us in so many ways. People can achieve a level of fame and notoriety much more easily on the Internet.

Jason Gay:

There’s a guy in this coffee shop sitting at a table, not on his phone, not on a laptop, just drinking coffee, like a psychopath.

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