What If Punk Never Happened

08 Apr 2014 | the king blues

Ezra Klein, How politics makes us stupid:

The problem, of course, is that these people are also affecting, and in some cases controlling, the levers of government. And this, Kahan says, is where identity-protective cognition gets dangerous. What’s sensible for individuals can be deadly for groups. “Although it is effectively costless for any individual to form a perception of climate-change risk that is wrong but culturally congenial, it is very harmful to collective welfare for individuals in aggregate to form beliefs this way,” Kahan writes. The ice caps don’t care if it’s rational for us to worry about our friendships. If the world keeps warming, they’re going to melt regardless of how good our individual reasons for doing nothing are.

Allison Browning, This is how:

This is how cities are built empires made. Things done and undone and
This is how it is to be done, how I do it.
This is how maybe we
There are rules; ways of dealing, mechanisms.
This is how you choose and don’t apologise.
This, is how order happens: in the making of beds, the sorting of laundry, the pulling of weeds, the doing of things, in busyness. In not thinking.

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