Wisdom is decisions you make now that you will be happy with later.

08 Jan 2015 | the mist

Eric Vespe:

I can just tell that if I was in a crisis situation I’d be more worried about the danger of making a wrong decision that I’d likely freeze and make no decision at all. I’d like to think that I’d be super smart and sharp and confident, but my biggest fear is that I’d just be paralyzed with indecision.

Abraham Lincoln:

I must make my decision, Bob must make his, you yours. And bear what we must. Hold and carry what we must. What I carry within me, you must allow me to do it. Alone, as I must. And you alone, Mary, you alone may lighten the burden. Or render it intolerable. As you choose.

Bunny Colvin:

Look, I just did what I did. It felt right. I’m fine with that.

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