Emmys 2011 Nominations

15 Jul 2011 | hollywood

Tim Surette:

  • Community gets a goose egg. Modern Family actors took up 67 percent of the Supporting Actor nominations.

  • Nominations for TV’s best parents. Friday Night Lights’ Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler were nominated for the second year in a row. These two nominations are the kind that make me beam with pride; I feel like I’ve grown up with them.

  • Glee’s actors were out of tune. No lead acting nominations for the cast of Glee? Good. They don’t deserve it. It was an abomination that they were nominated last year. Singing =/= acting.

And The Forgotten Categories, Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music, NO Game of Thrones!


05 Jul 2011 | trust


You’re a star.


26 Feb 2011 | this is how


  • Movie or series with made up website that doesn’t exist in real life.

  • Movie or series with no soundtrack list.

  • Song with no lyric page.

The End

24 May 2010 | lost

Lost series finale didn’t give us any explanation to the question that need to be answered. You can’t save him, Jack! You just can’t. Moving on, Dude. Whatever happened, happened. See you in another life, brother.

[update] Why I’m Okay With Not Having All The Answers:

emotionally satisfying, not intellectually satisfying

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