The only plane in the sky.

03 Nov 2016 | the stand

Rep. Adam Putnam:

There was one van, maybe a press van, that was parked too close to the plane’s wing. I remember a Secret Service agent running down the aisle; they opened the back stairs, he ran down to move the truck. He never made it back on board. They didn’t wait for him.

Col. Mark Tillman:

I went down to the tarmac to see about having the plane refueled. We could carry 14 hours of fuel. I wanted 14 hours of fuel. I was worried that they weren’t going to have enough fuel trucks, but it turned out we’d happened to park over a hot refueling tank they used for bombers. This civilian is arguing with our crew, “The fuel pits are only authorized for use in time of war.” This Air Force master sergeant—God bless him—overhears this and roars, “We are at war!” He whips out his knife and starts cutting open the cover. That defines to me what the day was like.

I also remember the day Osama died, there were no transcendent moments.

[via Garrett M. Graff, Politico]

The brave new world

03 Nov 2016 | the stand

of The Internet Of Things™, where your fire alarm and baby monitor won’t work because internet. Here’s what happens to a British city when it loses all electricity for days.

Bruce Schneier:

We no longer have things with computers embedded in them. We have computers with things attached to them.

Tim Harford:

The better the automatic systems, the more out-of-practice human operators will be, and the more extreme the situations they will have to face.

Also, Krebs DDOS, Dyn DDOS.

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03 Nov 2016 | obscure sorrow

Bojack Horseman:

One day, you’re gonna look around and you’re going to realize that everybody loves you, but nobody likes you. And that is the loneliest feeling in the world.

Marina Keegan:

We don’t have a word for the opposite of loneliness, but if we did, I could say that’s what I want in life.

Secretly incredible people just do things.

03 Nov 2016 | love does

Jason Florio:

In our travels in West Africa we have often found the people who have the least will offer you the most.

Nicky Gumbel:

If you want to know what someone is like, look at how they treat people who can do nothing for them.

Seth Godin:

There are two challenges here. The first is that in a connection economy, the idea that others need to be in coach for you to be in first doesn’t scale very well. And the second, in the words of moms everywhere: Life is more fun when you don’t compare.

Quiet and gentle soul

03 Nov 2016 | minimalist


Learn how to work quietly. Basically if you’re not supposed to make noise and are, you’re increasing the risk of breaking or fucking something up.

Julian Treasure:

Music on top of noise is just more noise - a bit like perfume on a bad smell.

Also, Loudness war, Millennial Whoop, and the hum that helps to fight crime.

Power to the people!

03 Nov 2016 | captain fantastic

Tshering Tobgay:

Our Constitution demands that a minimum 0f 60 percent of Bhutan’s total land shall remain under forest cover for all time.

Monica Araya:

A surprising idea won the heart and minds: we would reboot the country, and that second republic would have no army.
We made that decision permanent in the new constitution.

Messing with your HTTP traffic.

03 Nov 2016 | the stand


Pretend ice cream stores gave away free milkshakes. But you had to buy a straw to drink them. But that’s okay, because you still get free milkshakes. One day you’re drinking a free milkshake and you look down and the guy that sold you the straw is pinching it almost shut. You can still get your milkshake, but it’s really hard and takes a lot longer. So you say, “Hey! Stop that!” And the straw guy says, “NO! Not until the ice cream store pays me money.” And you say, “But I already paid you money for the straw.” And the straw guy says, “I don’t care. I just want more money.”

Ron Swanson:

Whatever happened to, “Hey, I have some apples. Would you like to buy them?” “Yes, thank you.” That’s as complicated as it should be to open a business in this country.

Also, Website-Targeted False Content Injection by Network Operators.

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Linux Dell touchpad

31 Oct 2016 | tinker

Ce problème se règle assez facilement, quand on sait quoi faire ! Il faut ajouter une ligne à un fichier de configuration pour “blacklister” un certain pilote, qui entre en conflit avec la reconnaissance du touchpad.

echo "blacklist i2c_hid" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

Truth's rarely fun.

16 Dec 2015 | the mentalist


No one is either perfectly good or perfectly evil. People occupy a space right on each side of the line. And sometimes, without knowing it, you switch sides.

Christopher Goffard:

And it had happened in Irvine, no less — the county’s model, master-planned city — inviting people to contemplate the ugliness that seethed behind closed doors in places that overpromised order and niceness and green.

Just don't go too big and go homeless.

16 Dec 2015 | htmiia

Brooke Cardinas:

You can’t really know what it is to want things until you’re at least 30. And then, with each passing year, it gets bigger because the want is more and the possibility is less. Like how each passing year of your life seems faster because it’s a smaller portion of your total life.


Well, it kind of has to be your passion when you spent your whole life saying it’s all you ever wanted to do, and your parents spent a shitload of money on music school and I couldn’t even quit if I wanted to.

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